Alcohol in Mouthwash

Alcohol is an ingredient in some commercial mouth rinses.  It is included as a solvent for inactive ingredients.  Typically only 10% to 30% are used in mouth rinses and this amount does not provide the antibacterial benefits that full-strength alcohol can provide.  Studies have shown that use of alcohol-containing mouthwash may cause color and hardness changes in composite resin fillings.  Additionally, some research has attempted to determine whether or not alcohol in mouthrinse increases the risk of oral cancer.  A link has been established between alcohol-containing mouthrinse and incidence of hyperkerastotic lesions, but a definite link has not been established for oral cancer.  On the other hand, high levels of alcoholic beverage consumption continue to be associated with higher risk for oral cancer.  Lastly, the most often expressed concern related to alcohol-containing mouthrinse is the taste and burning sensation during use.

Consider a mouthrinse with healing properties and none of the negative side effects, such as CloSYS rinse.

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