Gum Lift in Austin, TX

Gum Shaping in Austin, TX

If you notice uneven areas in your smile or two teeth are not equal in length, these discrepancies can be fixed by removing the excessive gum tissue. If you have teeth that appear short, or you have a smile that shows too much gums, you can lengthen the appearance of your front teeth with a simple appointment that re-shapes your gumline.  Many times gum shaping is used to further enhance cosmetic bonding or veneers to create a perfect smile.  Think of the gums as the frame around your teeth.  The perfect frame can make a work of art really shine.


How is the procedure performed?

Sometimes your smile can be effected by the shape and contour of your gums. By using a special dental laser, Dr Winters can sculpt the tissue to match the other side or correct a problem. The laser allows for no bleeding and quick, typically painless healing. Much different than the conventional way of doing it with a scalpel and incisions.

Is Gum Shaping painful?

There is very little discomfort associated with this procedure. I relate it to the feeling of a pizza burn on your gums, kind of a raw

What is the recovery time of Gum Shaping?

There is very little recovery with the laser gum shaping procedure. Maybe some Tylenol and just leaving the area alone for a couple of days and that’s all there is to it.

What is the cost of Gum Shaping?

The cost is all relative to the individual situation but typically is a few hundred dollars.

Who is a good candidate for Gum Shaping?

Anyone who does not have active gum disease can be a candidate for Gum Shaping.

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