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Gingivitis and Periodontitis

Gingivitis is the presence of gingival inflammation without the loss of connective tissue attachment.  If you experience redness, swelling and bleeding gums, these are signs of gingivitis.  If dental plaque is left undisturbed on teeth, meaning, a professional dental hygienist does not clean your teeth regularly, it causes a response by the body’s immune system.  The first response is inflammation due to increased blood flow.  Gingivitis is reversible with consistent oral hygiene practices, both at home and by seeing your dentist regularly.  But, it can progress into periodontitis if consistent practice is not maintained.

Periodontitis is a result of a group of infections that leads to the destruction of supportive tissues of the teeth.  Periodontitis is caused by plaque-induced inflammation, similar to gingivitis.  An estimated 20% of American adults are affected by Chronic Periodontitis, experiencing inflammation of the gums, deep pockets in the gums around the teeth, gum recession and loosening of the teeth due to the reduction of bone that supports the teeth.  While excessive build up of plaque is a cause of Periodontitis, other contributing factors are smoking, diabetes mellitus, emotional stress and genetic susceptibility.  Periodontitis cannot be reversed, but it can be somewhat controlled with an agressive professional periodontal cleaning regiment and consistent home care.

Call our office for help if your gums bleed every time you brush; if the gumline at your teeth is red and puffy or sore; if you are worried about bad breath; or if one or more of your teeth feel loose in your mouth.  We’re happy to set up a consultation to discuss your health and how we can help.

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