Baby teeth

New babies are vulnerable little people.  And from the first day a tooth erupts, new teeth are vulnerable too.  Fortunately, as parents, there are ways you can protect your child from cavities and ensure the best possible dental health beginnings. One avoidable threat to baby teeth is "nursing bottle mouth."  While putting down the child [...]

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General Health at the Dentist

The May 2000 U.S. Surgeon General’s Report on Health states, "You cannot be healthy without oral health. Oral health and general health should not be interpreted as separate entities." Dental practitioners are in a unique position to recognize and address the early warning signs of a body out of balance. The so-called lifestyle illnesses are [...]

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GoSmile whitening toothpaste

GoSmile Truly Whitening Toothpaste System Toothpaste that takes whitening to the next level...whitens beneath the enamel for TRUE stain removal! Breakthrough technology for REAL whitening, not just polishing.  This toothpaste TRULY whitens, by penetrating enamel - which is translucent - to remove the stains in the dentin that really give teeth their color.  The easiest, [...]

Top Picks in Mouthwash

The November 2013 issue of REAL SIMPLE magazine notes the top rated mouthwashes according to a test of over 30 brands.  Here's what they found: 1) Best Whitening - REMBRANDT DEEPLY WHITE - Tooth-brightening peroxide helps the liquid penetrate the enamel so it tackles discoloration both on and beneath the surface. Leaves breath minty fresh, [...]

Obliterate Morning Breath

Your nighttime routine can obliterate morning breath! The September issue of "Cosmopolitan" Magazine has a great recommendation to alter your dental hygiene routine at home before bedtime and you can eliminate that pesky morning breath. "BRUSH...for two minutes (30 seconds on each quadrant) to remove surface debris. dislodge hidden food and plaque - a [...]

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