Bad Breath Problems

Lots of patients are concerned about bad breath.  As a social embarrassment, it’s surely near the top of the list.  Since mouthwashes won’t eliminate the problem, let’s look at some possible reasons for your condition.

Bacteria, plan and simple, are the culprit.  Bacteria do their work in the mouth, lungs, sinuses and stomach.  In the oral cavity, bacteria cause gum disease.  This infection is so prevalent today, it’s the first dental problem we suspect when it comes to halitosis (bad breath).  A periodontal check-up will detect infection in the gum and a program can be put into place to eliminate this particularly awkward side effect.

For other people, less-than-pristine old dental work or dentures can be a source of odor.  Consider having old restorations made healthy again by removing the old filling, crown or bridge, and clean out any decay and bacteria that have caused a new cavity around or underneath the restoration.  Once the area is thoroughly cleaned, a new restoration can be placed to strengthen the tooth.  This process will often alleviate bad breath and even a sour or metallic taste in the mouth that sometimes occurs.

Another cause for bad breath can be dry mouth syndrome.  Most common in older people or those folks who take several prescription medications.  Often times medications will reduce the saliva flow in the mouth, and when there is not enough saliva, there can be excess tartar buildup on the teeth and tongue that can cause bad breath.

Some vitamins and supplements will cause a foul odor that emanates from the gut.   Many times Omega Fatty Acid vitamins and fish oils have this side effect.

If you are concerned about bad breath, at your next dental checkup, be sure to discuss your diet, your home care for your mouth, and your medications.  Often times small changes to your routine can eliminate your concern.

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