Menopausal Dentistry

Did you know? After menopause, women should see their dentist more often. A new study from Case Western Reserve University found that women after menopause are at greater risk for periodontal disease and need more frequent professional cleanings.  Up to four dental cleanings a year may be necessary to adequately remove hard plaque that triggers [...]

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Tooth Decay

You may think only children get cavities.  The truth is, all of us are at risk of tooth decay our whole lives.  By following a healthy at-home oral health routine, seeing your dentist regularly, and making smart food choices, you can lower your risk of getting a cavity. What is tooth decay?  Tooth decay is [...]

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Mood Food

The May issue of SHAPE magazine mentioned a 6 year study by Spanish researchers that discovered that people who take in even small amounts of trans fats, found in packaged and processed foods, had up to a 48% chance of suffering from depression. At the same time, those with a diet rich in olive oil, [...]

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Dental problems during pregnancy

Hormonal changes during pregnancy increase your sensitivity to plaque, so reduce the buildup that can lead to gum disease.  Gingivitis is the most common oral disease for expecting women and can be reduced  by brushing twice a day and flossing at least once.  Go to your dentist every three months for a cleaning while you're [...]

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Tips for a whiter smile:

Plan on whitening your smile within a day or two of having your teeth professionally cleaned.  Once your dental hygienist removes the surface stains and plaque from your teeth, the bleaching agents are allowed to penetrate better, yielding the best results.  Some people experience mild irritation or sensitivity, especially at the gumline, if they whiten [...]

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