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Patient 1767

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Case ID: 1767

Front: Terri came to Dr Winters because there were just a few things she was tired of. Nothing dramatic was wrong but she felt it was time for a little rejuvenation. Like so many patients, tops on Terri's list was she wanted her teeth and smile to look "natural". Typically that means a little improvement in the color, maybe some slight changes in the shape or arrangement of the teeth. Keeping this in mind Dr Winters designed a smile that met all her goals. Whiter but not too white. A change in the shapes but not perfect. This ended up with a very "natural" smile. "Dr Winters, your work was perfect. You knew what I wanted better than what I did. The key though was you took the time to listen to me and give me what I wanted, not just a new smile but MY new smile. Thank you so very much."




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