Movie Star Smile

If you’ve always wanted a perfect, movie star smile, you can have it!  Every client has different goals and we focus on achieving the best results for that particular patient’s smile.  Your smile makeover can leave you with an improved look, but still natural-looking and beautiful.  Your new smile won’t look fake or lab-made.  Schedule a consultation to talk about what you want and how we can help you get there.


Alter the color and/or shape of the teeth in your smile. You may want to close a gap, straighten a crooked smile, correct broken front teeth or whiten discolorations that you‘ve lived with for years. Changes can be made to your smile in a matter of a few weeks and the benefits of a more beautiful smile will last a lifetime.


One or two slightly crooked front teeth can often be ‘straightened’ using cosmetic bonding.  This process uses a tooth colored composite resin material to cover the front surface of the tooth to gently change the shape of the tooth, giving the illusion of a straighter smile. This option is not as long lasting as a porcelain veneer, but is a lower cost cosmetic solution to improve your smile in just one office visit.

Gum Shaping

If you notice uneven areas in your smile or two teeth are not equal in length, these discrepancies can be fixed by removing the excessive gum tissue. If you have teeth that appear short, or you have a smile that shows too much gums, you can lengthen the appearance of your front teeth with a simple appointment that re-shapes your gumline.  Many times gum shaping is used to further enhance cosmetic bonding or veneers to create a perfect smile.  Think of the gums as the frame around your teeth.  The perfect frame can make a work of art really shine.

Invisalign Wireless Braces

Achieving a life-long smile that you love may incorporate straightening your natural teeth with Invisalign wireless braces, and completing the treatment with whitening or veneers.  Invisalign allows you the options for cosmetic dentistry straightening for your smile without unsightly brackets and metal wires. Invisalign gradually moves your teeth through a series of custom-made, removable, nearly invisible aligner trays. These trays are worn daily and you upgrade to a new aligner approximately every two weeks. Utilize this system to close gaps, fix crowding, even repair front teeth that have relapsed from your first orthodontic treatment. Brush and floss normally, maintain healthier gums, no irritation like traditional braces can cause, and you can still eat what you want because the aligners are removable. Visit for more details, and call us to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Virtual Face Lift

Missing teeth and extensive enamel wear on your back teeth are two factors that can change the lower face height and therefore give an older, aged appearance. Through full-mouth rejuvenation, we can restore teeth to their original condition and gain length again in the face to eliminate folds and wrinkles that are a sign of age.  This provides a much more youthful look and gives you a healthier smile.

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