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Missing teeth

Did you know, tooth loss is not just a cosmetic problem?  Tooth loss can be caused by a rough hockey game, but more often by gum disease or extensive tooth decay.  Smokers are three times more likely to lose their teeth than those who stay smoke-free.  What’s more, a study published in July of 2003 showed a significant relationship between the number of teeth lost and an increased risk for clogged carotid arteries – the blood vessels that carry oxygen to the brain.  But, even a non-smoker who fails to take care of his teeth will likely deal with serious health consequences.  In 2005, the American Journal of Preventative Medicine published a similar study that links heart disease to tooth loss in non-smoking adults, which signifies poor oral health as its own cardiac disease risk factor.  In this study, the participants missing 1 to 5 teeth have a 6.8% increased risk for heart disease.  For those missing 6 or more teeth, the risk increases to 10.2%.  Consider your overall health the next time you skip that dental checkup appointment.

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