Hypnosis for dental anxiety

Many people are uncomfortable with, even scared of, going to the dentist.  We strive to make each and every client comfortable in our office.  If you are one of those people who are nervous about dentistry, let us help you by providing a free relaxing CD created for you by Austin Hypnotherapy Solutions.

Pam Yagjian is a Clinical Hypnotherapist certified by the American Council of Hynotist Examiners, a fellow with the International Registry of Medical Support Hypnotherapists, and a certified BlissBorn (TM) childbirth educator.  Pam teaches her clients to use the simple, effective technique of hypnosis to move past challenges and achieve greater balance in their lives.  She works with her clients to help them understand the power of their thoughts and coaches them to understand the power of their thoughts and coaches them to intentionally focus and direct those thoughts toward achieving greater health and wellbeing.

The process she teaches is an effective way to support medical/deental treatment, to change or eliminate bad habits, to live a healthier lifestyle and achieve personal growth.  Try our free CD for relief of anxiety or stress about dental treatment.  Or, learn more about Pam and her techniques at www.AustinHypnotherapySolutions.com

Now through June 30th, Pam is offering 10% off a hypnosis session for any patient of The Hills Dental Spa!

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