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Do you get enough fluoride from our toothpaste?  This is a tricky question…it depends on a number of factors, such as your age, diet, and even exposure to fluoride.  Some toothpaste brands have more fluoride than others.  Fluoride helps protect our enamel, and you may not be getting enough.  Crest Pro-Health has almost double the amount of fluoride at .454% compared to Crest Nature’s Expression at .243%.  This doesn’t necessarily affect all of us equally – children and young adults may benefit from more fluoride than mature adults do.

By protecting and strengthening your enamel, fluoride prevents cavities and can reverse a new, small cavity so that a filling isn’t needed at all by remineralizing the a soft spot in your tooth.  If you tend to be prone to cavities, then consider getting more fluoride.

Look for a toothpaste with a higher percentage, or purchase a ‘prescription strength’ fluoride toothpaste from our office for about $15.  For added protection try a topical application, such as a mouth rinse or gel.  A mouth rinse with fluoride added to your daily brushing routine definitely adds protection.  Over the counter fluoride rinses are available from brands such as Crest and Act, but a greater percentage is available in the ‘prescription strength’ rinse from our office for about $15.  At your next dental cleaning, our dental hygienists can offer a fluoride gel treatment that is the highest level available for just $18.

Tap water with fluoride helps as well.  If you prefer bottled water, consider having Ozarka delivered to your home – they offer a fluoride fortified bottled water.

One last note, some studies indicate fluoride can have adverse affects on the body.  Be thorough in your research before writing off fluoride – you’ll likely find the benefits far outweigh the threats.

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