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Top Picks in Mouthwash

The November 2013 issue of REAL SIMPLE magazine notes the top rated mouthwashes according to a test of over 30 brands.  Here’s what they found:

1) Best Whitening – REMBRANDT DEEPLY WHITE – Tooth-brightening peroxide helps the liquid penetrate the enamel so it tackles discoloration both on and beneath the surface. Leaves breath minty fresh, too!  This Hills Dental Spa approves this product and does like the results, but if you have sensitive teeth or tender gums, prolonged use of this product can make the sensitivity worse, so use caution.  $8 at drugstores

2) Longest-Lasting – SCOPE OUTLAST – Containing ingredients like cetypyridinium chloride, an antiseptic that destroys bad-breath-causing bacteria, this formula leaves you with that tingly feeling up to five times longer than brushing alone.  $5 at drugstores

3) Most Refreshing – LISTERINE ULTRACLEAN – Eucalyptol, methyl salicylate, and the antiseptic thymol kill plaque and ginivitis – two causes of bad breath – leaving a tingle that lasts.  The Hills Dental Spa highly recommends Listerine products for their antiseptic qualities and any of their product line will aid in healing gingivitis in the gums.  $4 at drugstores

4) Best All-Around – CREST PRO-HEALTH MULTI-PROTECTION – covers all the bases: powerful antiseptic, protects against plaque, fights germs, sweetens breath, and helps prevent gingivitis. $6 at drugstores

5) Best Tasting – MARVIS MOUTHWASH CONCENTRATE STRONG MINT – Prettily packaged but potent, this non-medicinal-tasting potion revitalizes with a blend of peppermint and aromatic herbs.  The Hills Dental Spa loves this options for patients looking to freshen their breath but it is not recommended for those who need assistance with gum health or fighting plaque.  $22.50 at

6) Best Natural – JASON HEALTHY MOUTH CINNAMON CLOVE – A cooling mix of clove and cinnamon oils help to halt halitosis. Grapefruit seed extract aids in protecting gums and teeth from tartar buildup. $9.50

The Hills Dental Spa highly recommends Listerine products for their antibacterial properties and their aid in healing unhealthy gums.  For an all-natural product, try Spry Oral Rinse – it’s clear, so won’t stain your teeth, and all-natural Xylitol gives it a fresh taste while fighting cavities without the use of Fluoride.  Colgate Prevident Rinse is a great cavity fighter and can reduce sensitivity in teeth.

Got questions about what products are best for you? Ask us at your next dental cleaning!

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