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GoSmile whitening toothpaste

GoSmile Truly Whitening Toothpaste System

Toothpaste that takes whitening to the next level…whitens beneath the enamel for TRUE stain removal!

Breakthrough technology for REAL whitening, not just polishing.  This toothpaste TRULY whitens, by penetrating enamel – which is translucent – to remove the stains in the dentin that really give teeth their color.  The easiest, simplest whitening system yet – no special steps, no complicated gadgets.  Just brush your teeth twice a day for a whiter smile!  Doesn’t just scrub away superficial stains, it penetrates teeth to whiten inside & out, for TRULY whiter teeth.

The most convenient teeth whitener – simply replace your regular toothpaste for 30 days.  The unique two-tube system enables us to use the highest level and most powerful form of whitening ingredients.  Just add a droplet of each from the Clean & Polish Luxury Toothpaste and from the Penetrate & Whiten Whitening Gel onto your dry toothbrush.  Brush gently for about 2 minutes, morning and evening, for 30 days.  Whiten as well as the leading whitening strips, and better than the leading toothpaste, and with no sensitivity.  See results in as little as 3 days, with significant results in 2 weeks.

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