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Spa Services - Hills Dental Spa - Austin TX

Spa Services

Relax. Rejuvenate. Be healthy! Enjoy a soothing hand massage or peppermint foot scrub during your dental treatment to help relieve anxiety or just to be pampered. Treat yourself to a full body massage. With various types of massage & treatments ranging from 10 minutes to 2 hours, you are sure to find the perfect way to rejuvenate tire or aching muscles.

Improve skin tone and texture with a facial, or learn more about skin care products for a spa-like treatment in your own home.

Need a gift for someone hard to buy for, give the gift of relaxation and better health! Gift Certificates and Spa Packages available for various price ranges.

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Hills Dental Spa - Spa Services

Massages & Skin Treatment

Massage has direct benefits for the body & mind. Most of us know massage relaxes and refreshes the muscles, but did you know it also helps increase metabolism, speeds healing, improves blood circulation and aids in detoxifying the body’s lymphatic (filtering) system? Research shows, massage can relieve fatigue, reduce tension & anxiety, calm the nervous system, and promote relaxation. Everyone’s needs are different, but frequent massage can improve your body’s reaction to stress and even reduce your daily tensions, which instills a greater sense of well-being.

Hills Dental Spa - Spa Services

Spa Pricing

Chair Massage is available in our client lounge area and is an excellent way to take the edge off just before a dental appointment. $1 per minute

During your dental appointment, therapies are available to help you relax and relieve any anxiety you may feel about being at the dentist. In addition to the complementary services we offer for your comfort, such as a warm neck wrap and aroma therapy, you may also select to have a relaxing spa service during your dental care:
10-minute jaw massage $10
15-minute hand massage $15
25-minute massaging foot scrub $30
30-minute foot reflexology $40
45-minute foot reflexology $50

Spa Products available for purchase

Herbal neck wrap $27
Soy candle $14

Gift certificates are available for any service

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Discuss with your therapist whether you need to reduce stress with a massage using a light to medium touch, or if you need a focus on the deeper layers of the muscle tissue for therapeutic benefits. Your massage is customized to fit your needs. There is no extra charge for specialty services, such as pregnancy massage, sports therapy, hot stone treatments, even foot reflexology. Review the modalities available and discuss your needs — we’ll get you exactly what you want.
15 minutes $25
30 minutes $45
45 minutes $65
60 minutes $80
90 minutes $120
120 minutes $160

Pricing is the same for any therapy you choose!

Swedish massage: provides a light to medium touch for full body relaxation.

Sports massage:
where your therapist uses a combination of deep tissue massage, myofascia release and stretching to provide a therapeutic treatment specifically designed for the sore or fatigued muscles of a highly active individual or athlete.

Hot stone therapy:
utilizes heated basalt stones and aromatic oils to soothe your muscles, release toxins, and provide you the ultimate in relaxation.

Pregnancy massage:
allows expectant mothers to alleviate many challenges resulting from pregnancy, such as muscle aches, fatigue, headaches and water retention. Maximum comfort is a focus during this treatment.

focuses on specific pressure points on your feet to increase energy flow to various corresponding organs throughout your body. Experience this foot treatment with total body benefits. Can be booked alone, or as an add on to a full-body massage.

Scalp massage:
Relieves stress and tension. A focused massage, treating your scalp, face and jaw muscles is particularly beneficial following a long dental appointment. This can be a specialized massage on its own, or can be added to a full-body massage.

TMJ therapy:
localized massage of the jaw muscles and joint. Clients who clinch and grind their teeth, or those who suffer from ongoing jaw joint pain will benefit from a series of sessions.

Facial massage:
all-natural skin care products of the highest quality will refresh & moisturize the skin while promoting a healthy glow. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, a healing clay mask, toner, moisturizer, and eye cream. Plus, the service improves elasticity and reduces the appearance of fine lines.
Put together the perfect experience by combining treatments during your session. Aromatherapy is complimentary, as is heat therapy and a cool, soothing eye mask. You will feel fantastic after discussing your needs with your therapist to insure you get the most out of your spa appointment.

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Hills Dental Spa - Spa Services

Meet Your Therapist

Our in-house massage therapist, Annie, provides our valued patients with comprehensive spa treatments that meet the needs of the busy lifestyles we lead today.

“I am so happy to be part of the Hills Dental Spa Team! I love the family atmosphere, dedication and team work! As a therapist my goal is to promote health and wholeness. I am excited to offer treatments before, during or after your appointment as well as on the days in between. Massage helps us to relax, reduces stress, relieves emotional and physical pain, increases circulation and is beneficial to overall well being. It’s important for me to give and receive massage on a regular basis.”

Hills Dental Spa - Spa Services