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The Hills Dental Spa - Austin TX

Payment Arrangements

Have you ever had to file your own insurance claim?  Or even try to contact your insurance company with a question?  If so, you may have been frustrated.  You can eliminate such phone calls and frustrations by taking advantage of our complimentary insurance filing.  Let us file your dental insurance claims for you at the time of your treatment and assist you in understanding your coverage and get the most out of your insurance benefits.  You’ll pay an estimated portion at the time of your treatment and we will file your claims for you.  Once your insurance makes their payment to our office, if our estimate was high, we’ll send you a refund check. But if our estimate was low, you will owe the balance of what your insurance didn’t pay.

Many of our clients are thrilled to take advantage of our monthly payment plan.  Through the help of, we are able to offer our clients up to 24 months of no-interest payment for their dental treatments.  Or, you may find it helpful to pay off your treatment over the course of 5 years with a low-interest plan.

We assist you in getting the dental care you want, and fit into your budget.  Whether you have dental insurance or not, let us help you find a way to get the smile you dream of.