Obliterate Morning Breath

Your nighttime routine can obliterate morning breath!

The September issue of “Cosmopolitan” Magazine has a great recommendation to alter your dental hygiene routine at home before bedtime and you can eliminate that pesky morning breath.

“BRUSH…for two minutes (30 seconds on each quadrant) to remove surface debris.

FLOSS…to dislodge hidden food and plaque – a major cause of morning breath – then brush again.

SWISH…with mouthwash for a minute.  Go for the nondrying alcohol-free kind, since saliva helps dilute smelly bacteria.”

Some of our recommendations for home use are Colgate Total toothpaste or Opalescense Whitening toothpaste, and for sensitive teeth, try Sensodyne toothpaste.  We love Oral-B Glide floss and floss picks.  And BriteSmile or Closys mouthwash.

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