Did you know?

Some people believe that bleeding gums are a result of flossing.  Did you know, that’s a myth?

Flossing generally shouldn’t cause your gums to bleed.  If it does, consider it an early warning sign of periodontal disease.

According to the National Institutes of Health, an estimated 80 million Americans have some form of periodontal disease – and most are treatable.  Regular teeth cleanings, by a professional dental hygienist, hinders bacteria growth, in the form of sticky plaque.  A toothbrush can only clean the visible surfaces of the teeth, but harmful bacteria can hide between the teeth.  The longer plaque sits on the tooth, the more likely it will cause irritation and inflammation, known as gingivitis.  When untreated, gingivitis allows bacteria to seep deeper into the gums, which promotes bleeding.

Keep your dental appointments…and floss regularly…for healthier gums and less plaque.

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