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Relieve Jaw Pain

Temperomandibular Joint Disease (TMJ) is the new dental epidemic of the 21st century. The majority of American adults, and even many children, grind or clench their teeth.  This creates excessive wear and tear that not only affects the teeth, but many times does irreversible damage to the joints and muscles of the jaw. Many people experience side effects such as popping and soreness when chewing, lockjaw and chronic headaches.

You can now minimize, or even eliminate, these symptoms and protect yourself from further damage and pain. Let Dr. Nemec aid you in creating a customized plan. For some, a simple mouthpiece worn while sleeping will protect the teeth and begin to deprogram the grinding habit. For others, combining this mouthpiece with a hypnosis treatment will provide the quickest results. BOTOX injections can work as a muscle relaxer to prevent the serious clenching that can result in frequent headaches and jaw fatigue. Some clients benefit from regular head, neck and jaw massage to relieve sore muscles. For severe cases, a reconstruction of the worn-down dental enamel will achieve the best long-term results.

Whatever the level of discomfort you are experiencing, let us help you find a comfortable solution.

“My whole entire life has been spent grinding my teeth. I had tried so many things to relieve the pain and tense muscles when nothing seemed to help. I had heard about the new Botox treatment to reduce grinding and muscle tension from recent articles online and decided to give this a try. I researched different places in Austin who performed this treatment and found The Hills Dental Spa. I am so glad that I did! The staff is wonderful and Dr. Nemec did a wonderful, painless job with the injections I received in my jaw. Three days after my treatment, I started to notice a HUGE difference in my jaw muscles. For the first time in years, my jaw muscles were no longer tense and I could actually move my mouth without pain. Thanks to the Botox injections, I am now no longer grinding my teeth as much as I used to. These injections are worth every single penny and I now have comfort in the fact of knowing that I don’t have to live in pain anymore from grinding because of the treatments. I would highly recommend Dr. Nemec and his staff as the place to go to receive this treatment. They are such a caring team and are also up to date on this new Botox research.” -Ashley Byrnes