Dealing with Cold Sores

An article in Allure magazine discusses “8 Beauty Emergencies (and How to Respond).”  Tip #2 deals with a Cold Sore.

How to fix it: dab the spot with Abreva, an over-the-counter ointment that helps healing somewhat.  Once the area has scabbed, keep it moist with Aquaphor lotion to prevent cracking.  Camouflage the area with a dot of a dense, creamy concealer and a dusting of translucent powder; smooth the perimeter with a small, flat brush.  Apply an opaque lipstick.

How to prevent it: keep your lips hydrated with a high SPF balm, such as Blistex Five Star Lip Protection SPF 30, and try to minimize common cold-sore triggers such as stress, exposure to UV light, waxing the upper lip, use of retinoids, chemical peels and laser treatments.  Ask us about a prescription antiviral medication such as Zovirax, Valtrex, or Famvir to shorten a sore’s life span.  When you get the tingle that signals the onset of a cold sore, pop an antiviral pill immediately – taking it early enough can prevent the sore from erupting altogether.

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