Continuing Education

Our staff is spending a few days in Colorado Springs for a dental seminar.  I’m excited to be a guest speaker at this event to discuss CEREC technology with a group of about 21 dental offices.  This particular seminar has a variety of speakers to help educate dentists and their staff on the newest technologies available in our field.  We have learned more about dental appliances to help with sleep apnea and snoring.  We will attend a course in the future dedicated to these issues to find out even more about how we can help our patients.  We also heard from a smile whitening company who offers some revolutionary retail items.  Ladies, think smile whitening and lip gloss in one applicator for your purse.  Or, at-home bleaching that can achieve a whiter smile in about a week, without needing gooey impressions for custom trays.  Both of these retail items can be purchased without an appointment.  Our staff will be testing the products this month, and if they deliver, we will make them available in August, with an introductory discount.  There was also information on staying in touch with clients via email reminders and online account information, which we already do for our patients.  In addition to this product information, we did some team building and used the opportunity to brainstorm about ways we can serve our clients better than the average office.

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