Top Picks in Mouthwash

The November 2013 issue of REAL SIMPLE magazine notes the top rated mouthwashes according to a test of over 30 brands.  Here's what they found: 1) Best Whitening - REMBRANDT DEEPLY WHITE - Tooth-brightening peroxide helps the liquid penetrate the enamel so it tackles discoloration both on and beneath the surface. Leaves breath minty fresh, [...]


24% of adults have untreated cavities today.  These tiny holes in the tooth surface start out often with no symptoms.  But with regular checkups, these areas of bacterial decay can be treated quickly and inexpensively, before the cavity hurts.  Once the cavity gets larger and deeper, affecting deeper layers of the tooth structure, you are [...]

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Strawberry-Lemon Sorbet

Strawberry-Lemon Sorbet (Recipe by Karen D. Krchma) Strawberries are a perfect way to end a meal. Here is a healthy way to reduce sugar desserts and still have fun!  Strawberries are great tooth “scrubbers” and high in fiber, a definite health plus. Lemon assists with pH balance in the body. Stevia is a natural sweetener and does [...]

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Obliterate Morning Breath

Your nighttime routine can obliterate morning breath! The September issue of "Cosmopolitan" Magazine has a great recommendation to alter your dental hygiene routine at home before bedtime and you can eliminate that pesky morning breath. "BRUSH...for two minutes (30 seconds on each quadrant) to remove surface debris. dislodge hidden food and plaque - a [...]

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Dental implants

Dental implants are the best option for patients who have severely cracked or missing teeth. Performed in single or multitooth restorations, implants are a permanent option for those who might otherwise need something like dentures. For decades, titanium implants were the only choice, but the new zirconia implants offer several benefits, including a holistic one, [...]

A Good Laugh

New findings from Loma Linda University of California supports the evidence that laughter triggers healthful phsyiological responses similar to those produced by exercise.  Research subjects who watched funny videos experienced positive changes in blood pressure.  Study author Lee Berk suggests spending time each day with people, videos, or blogs that crack you up. "A joke [...]

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