Communication You Desire

Are you a fan of technology? Many of our patients have expressed their delight in our use of technology for patient interaction. From receiving text message appointment reminders to e-mail notices of available appointments, from live chat on our website to special discounts on FaceBook, we do all we can to make sure you get [...]

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Community Corner

As the hot summer months are upon us, lend a helping hand to the area’s elderly and low-income families through Austin’s Family Eldercare. Donate just $15 at our office and we’ll purchase fans to be distributed to those in need during these hot summer months. To thank you for your contribution, let us treat you [...]

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The Lifespan of Silver Fillings

Did you know? Dental fillings typically have a 10-year lifespan. For most patients who have experienced a serious toothache or needed a root canal and crown, the cause is an old silver mercury filling that, in time, has caused the tooth to crack. From the day a silver filling was placed, it began to expand [...]

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Toothbrushes – soft vs medium

Researchers at Franciscan University in Santa Maria, Brazil studied the difference in medium and soft toothbrush bristles for plaque removal and soft-tissue abrasion. A total of 25 undergraduate students participated in the study. All participants were free from gingivitis at the onset of the study. The students were asked to refrain from all oral hygiene [...]

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Think positive, boost immunity

According to a brief article in the January 2011 issue of Natural Health Magazine, a sunny outlook on life could actually be good for your health.  A study showed that when first-year law students were asked how they felt about their futures, the students who were optimistic showed stronger immune system responses.  Immunity tests elicited [...]

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Size of jaw decreases with age

A study conducted by the Faculty of Dentistry at Malmo University in Sweden followed a group of dentists throughout their adult lives.  The study began in 1949 with plaster molds that were made of the jaws of dental students, who were in their 20s at the time.  Then years later, the procedure was repeated.  Then, [...]