Welcome Linda

Our new massage therapist, Linda, is offering a 20% discount off any massage for the rest of July.  She has 11 years of massage experience and does an excellent sports massage, as well as a feel-good stress reducing massage.  Give us a call to schedule your appointment - 512-347-0044

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Bad Breath

Persistent dry mouth, called xerostomia, occurs when the flow of saliva decreases.  This is usually due to medications, breathing through the mouth, or salivary gland problems.  The enzymes in saliva help to clean the mouth and break down food particles that are known to cause odor.  To get saliva flowing again, try sucking on sugarless [...]

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Continuing Education

Our staff is spending a few days in Colorado Springs for a dental seminar.  I'm excited to be a guest speaker at this event to discuss CEREC technology with a group of about 21 dental offices.  This particular seminar has a variety of speakers to help educate dentists and their staff on the newest technologies [...]

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Do you get enough fluoride from our toothpaste?  This is a tricky question...it depends on a number of factors, such as your age, diet, and even exposure to fluoride.  Some toothpaste brands have more fluoride than others.  Fluoride helps protect our enamel, and you may not be getting enough.  Crest Pro-Health has almost double the [...]

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Mouth Ulcers

Did you know that a quick, simple laser treatment will 'zap' a mouth ulcer and help it to heal in just 24 hours? If you feel a painful ulcer coming on, call our office right away. We can usually get you in same-day for a 15 minute appointment to treat the ulcer with a laser [...]

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Fun fact:

Women smile about 62 times a day compared to men who smile about 28 times. Children find something to smile about more than 400 times each day. So, find your inner-child and smile!

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Flossing increases life expectancy.

The purpose of flossing is two-fold: to clean between teeth and to remove debris from under the gum line. If you're like most people, you neglect this necessary tooth task and leave behind more than 300 types of destructive bacteria that make up plaque and tartar. You probably know by now that excessive plaque will [...]

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Did you know?

Some people believe that bleeding gums are a result of flossing.  Did you know, that's a myth? Flossing generally shouldn't cause your gums to bleed.  If it does, consider it an early warning sign of periodontal disease. According to the National Institutes of Health, an estimated 80 million Americans have some form of periodontal disease [...]

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