Don’t Hold Back - Straight Teeth are Within Your Reach with Invisalign, the clearly beautiful way to straighten your teeth. Getting your teeth straightened isn’t something just for teenagers anymore. Many adults just like you who have felt uncomfortable with their smiles now have straight, healthy teeth. You can, too! If you weren’t able to [...]

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What are cavities?

When dental plaque is left undisturbed on the surface of the teeth, tooth decay, or cavities, develop.  Decay is the result of demineralization of the tooth enamal by acids that have built up within the undisturbed plaque.  Introducing flouride ions to the teeth can limit the progression of the cavities because fluoride has been shown [...]

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What is Plaque?

Sometimes, in the dental office, we use phrases that we assume everyone knows.  But, really, not everyone has a true understanding for many of the health and dental terms that are used regularly.  Let's try to simplify and define some commonly used terms, starting with Plaque and Tartar. Dental plaque is a sticky film that forms on [...]

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Teeth Whitening Safety

Additional information is always available on our website at http://www.TheHillsDental Many patients ask if teeth whitening is safe.  The short answer is yes.  Every time you eat oar drink, the leftover residue accumulates to form a pellicle film on your teeth.  This scummy film sits on your teeth and, despite your best efforts at [...]

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Cerec trainer

The Hills Dental Spa is pleased to have Dr. Nemec serve as a regional trainer for Cerec.  Cerec is our CAD/CAM computer program that fabricates porcelain onlays and crowns in just one visit for our patients.  After serving as a "Cerec Mentor" to prospective CAD/CAM buyers for over five years, Dr. Nemec is now training [...]

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Heart Health

Did you know?  Having good dental hygiene can spare you health complications that gum disease and tooth decay may cause you down the road. There is a strong connections between gum disease and general health issues.  Some studies show that respiratory infections can be caused by simply inhaling bacteria from your mouth, which could even [...]

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Sleep Disorders

Details about dental treatments and services are always available on our website at Sleep-Disordered Breathing (SDB) and insomnia are the two most common sleeping problems for Americans.  SDB covers several respiratory issues that occur during sleep, including snoring and apnea.  A recent article in The Journal of the American Dental Association cites research which [...]

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Diet Affects your Smile

We all know sugar causes cavities.  But, did you know, fad diets can lead to cavities and even bad breath? Carbohydrates have characteristics that promote the growth of plaque in the mouth, so avoid excess carbs.  Snack on raw vegetables and fruits to help reduce plaque buildup. Additionally, salt dries the mouth, making it hard [...]

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Sports Mouth Guards

Now that school is underway for another year, its important to consider whether your child may need  a mouth guard for protection during school sports or recreational activities. Did you know?  According to the American Dental Association, a study of high school athletes found that 75% of injuries occurred when mouth guards were not worn. [...]

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