Strengthen your smile

The May 2011 issue of Martha Stewart lists "10 Feel-Good Things to do This May" and item #8 is to Strengthen Your Smile.  "Keep your teeth in top shape: Limit your intake of acidic drinks, such as orange juice, soda, and bottled iced tea, which can 'attack enamel, softening it and making it more open [...]

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May Community Corner

Did you know that heart disease is the #1 killer of women, nationally and here in Texas?  As we honor Moms everywhere in May, we invite you to join the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women movement at Tell five women you love about the risk factors for heart disease, and make a [...]

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Chewing gum for energy

The next time your energy wains, probably at about 3:00 in the afternoon while at work, skip the caffeine and instead pop a piece of gum instead.  People are more alert, focused, and even cheerful after chewing gum, according to a study by Cardiff University in Wales.  "Chewing stimulates your sensory nerves, increases muscle tension, [...]

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Do you want the cheapest, short-term treatment as dictated by your dental plan?

Some people don't know they have a choice for their dental treatment.  Whether you have insurance or not, you have the right to chose the quality of dentistry that you want for your mouth. Many insurances pay a percentage for the cheapest treatment options, such as a silver-mercury filling instead of a composite, tooth-colored filling [...]

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Dental Discount Plans

We all know that deals and discounts are huge right now - think Groupon, Living Social, Dartz Deals and others. There are even new medical & dental discount plans, and some of these plans are actually sold and promoted by major insurance carriers. A recent article in TIME magazine told of an unfortunate story where [...]

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