Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Join us in supporting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society by participating in the annual Light The Night Walk on October 22nd in Austin. Walk with our team and we'll treat you to a free one-hour massage the week following the event as a thank you for your participation.  Or, donate $50 and you could win [...]

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A Smile for your Problems

According to the May issue of SHAPE magazine, the next time you're stumped by a problem, stop for a break and watch a funny video or listen to an upbeat, cheerful song.  It won't be a waste of time - research from the University of Western Ontario found that people in a good mood are [...]

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Are you dreaming of a new smile?

Did you know, cosmetic veneers can improve your smile with a look that's completely natural?  We can enhance what you already have - make your new smile totally you, only better!  It won't even be obvious that you have veneers, you'll just look great. Call for your consultation to find out how to get the [...]

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Flatter Abs through massage?

Volunteers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles who were treated to a 45-minute massage showed lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.  Reducing this stress hormone could help protect you from heart disease and get rid of bell fat.  Researches suspect that other relaxing activities, such as exercise, meditation, or taking a hot bath, [...]

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Sweet Tooth

You can't have your sweet tooth pulled!  But you can follow some easy steps to soothe it. Tame your sugary cravings with a healthful, satisfying strategy.  Rely on nature's candy - fresh, ripe, sweet fruit.  And whatever you reach for to quell that craving, limit your portion sizes so you're not getting too much of [...]

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Healthy Eating for Healthy Smiles

So you've brushed and flossed today, but have you eaten your salmon? Researchers at Harvard & Boston Universities followed nearly 9,200 adults for 5 years and learned that those who consumed two weekly servings of fish were nearly 30% less likely to have periodontitis than those who ate less omega-3 fatty acids.  You might want [...]