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Meet The Team

Our Founder, Dr Benjamin Nemec

Dr Benjamin Nemec founded The Hills Dental Spa in 2012 with the express intent of providing a whole new experience in dentistry in Austin, Texas!  The office was designed with each patient’s comfort in mind, and our priority is to serve as health care partners to our patients and allow each of you to achieve your long-term goals and objectives. Our desire is to help you facilitate what you wish to achieve and provide you the information and options to accomplish those goals for your smile and your health!

Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Dr. Nemec is a Texan, through and through!  With the help and encouragement of his late father, participated in football, basketball, baseball and track throughout childhood and into high school. Graduating at the top of his senior class, he was awarded an academic scholarship to attend The University of Texas at Austin.  His mother’s lifelong service as a registered nurse led him to pursue a career in healthcare.  After just three years of undergraduate studies at UT, he was accepted to the nation’s top ranked dental program, The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.  It was here he completed his Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree, and, no less important, began a relationship with Amie, whom he married in February 2000.

Since 1998, Dr. Nemec has enjoyed serving as an Austin area dentist.  While practicing in the Austin Center for Aesthetic Dentistry, he began to visualize a dental office that would provide a comfortable environment for clients, as well as a focus on listening to and achieving their individual needs.  In September of 2002, we opened The Hills Dental Spa in West Austin, which has been featured on numerous local television news programs and in many articles published both by local, state and national magazines.

He thrives on learning and gaining knowledge of the latest techniques and technologies.  This includes postgraduate studies in cosmetic and implant dentistry, CAD/CAM 3-D dentistry, and special training on TMJ and occlusion through the world-renowned Dawson Center.   For the last 10 years, Dr. Nemec has been honored to share his experience with other dentists by lecturing on the use of CEREC CAD/CAM 3-D dentistry.  This technology allows us to provide each patient with conservative treatments by creating custom made solid porcelain crowns or onlays that are created using CEREC in our office.  What this means for you, the client, is less appointments, fewer shots, a high standard of quality control, and no worrying about the stability of a temporary restoration.  Our patients love walking out of their appointment with their final crown or onlay in place.  And they enjoy the benefit of knowing we have saved as much of their natural enamel as possibly, thereby leaving their mouth healthier and stronger than before treatment began.  By teaching these techniques to other dentists, Dr. Nemec has been able to expand the use of better dentistry for more patients.

Now, over 20 years into his career as a dentist, Dr. Nemec is forced to say farewell.  In 2014, he was in a rare accident on a golf course where erosion of the ground caused a collapse of the earth right where he was walking.  This fall lead to a whiplash injury and he was able to maintain the pain over these years with the guidance of his physicians.  The damage to two vertebrae in his neck has finally lead to damage to the nerves that feed his right arm and hand.  He has lost grip and dexterity in his right hand, and thus can no longer hold a dental instrument and treat patients.   After undergoing an exploratory surgery in November, his pain has decreased, but the nerve damage is not improved and cannot be repaired.

With a heavy heart, Dr. Nemec walks away from a profession that he loves and something that he excels at.  He plans to continue to lecture on technology around the country, and will continue to mentor our team and ensure we stay abreast of the options that come available to our patients for their best dental health.   Join us on January 25th for a wine and cheese reception to wish Dr. Nemec the best health possible for his condition, and continued success in his future endeavors.

The Hills Dental Spa Team

The Hills Dental Spa is proud to employ professionals with extensive experience in dentistry and customer service. Each staff member continually undergoes training to maintain the highest level of service for all of our clients. We partake in advanced education to stay in tune with modern dentistry and the latest technologies. Every member of our team is dedicated to making you comfortable while at our office, listening to your needs, and providing you with the support you need to decide what your best treatment will be.  We are here to help!

Dr. Kevin Winters

I started off my life not to be a dentist but to be a Dallas Cowboy.  There was no one who knew more about them as a kid than I did.  All the stats.  Where they went to school. I mean everything. So, I spent all my time and energy trying to make that happen.  I was a very good athlete growing up and played every sport there was, depending on the season.  My main emphasis though was always football.  Fortunately, my competiveness came through in the classroom as well and my grades were pretty good too.

My journey to become a Cowboy next led me to Kansas State University where I played for the Wildcats.  Reality began to sink in though.  My football career was going to end there in Manhattan, Kansas.  I did realize while I was there though that dentistry seemed very interesting to me so I chose that as my new career goal.

Dental school was at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  After that, I was accepted in to a residency program at the University of Louisville-Humana Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. After some incredible learning experiences dental school could not provide, I set out to save the world.  This led me to the purchase of my first practice just outside of Tulsa. This was a general dental practice where I offered all dental procedures.

As the practice began to grow and flourish, I started to realize there were certain things I liked and was better at than others.  This led me to the turning point in my career, the point in which I found my true passion in dentistry.  That passion was to be the absolute best at what I do and to focus on what I love.  My road down the path of cosmetic dentistry began.

I consumed all the information I could get my hands on.  Articles, books, lectures, courses.  If it was available, I did it.  More importantly though is I actually went to the gurus, the leaders in the field, and spent time with them and learned from them.  Eventually this lead to my association with the world’s leading post graduate teaching facility, the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies.  As Dr Bill Dickerson was starting this institute, he asked me if I would be one of his clinical instructors.  Over 20 years later, I am still there conducting lectures myself while helping dentists from all over the world learn how to do the most cutting edge dental procedures available.

LVI and I have evolved from just making teeth and smiles look pretty to now incorporating the very important aspect how we can help people have not only pretty smiles but a functional, stable and pain free bite.

Helping people not only look good but feel good and be healthy is the focus of my practice now.  For over 17 years now, helping people with head, face and neck pain has led to some wonderful stories from patients who had no hope.  People with TMJ, popping and clicking in their joints, headaches, dizziness, neck issues and life altering symptoms have found relief where none was available.  By understanding a different approach than what traditional dentistry has used, I have been able to successfully treat people that physicians, ENT’s, neurologists, chiropractors, etc. can not do.

So now, here at The Hills Dental Spa, you can expect my team to provide you with 3 basic things.

  1. The most incredible patient service you have experienced. From the time you first walk in, the difference is palpable.  Your comfort is at the forefront of what we do.
  2. Leading edge procedures. With my background combined with the technology available in the office, I can assure you your treatment options will provide the best dentistry has to offer.
  3. We are here for you. Just because we can do it doesn’t mean you may want it.  We customize all recommendations based upon spending time with you to find out what you want.  It’s not my way or the highway. We realize we are here to serve your desires in the best way to help you accomplish the goals you have for yourself.

I am more than excited to be here to continue on the traditions established at The Hills Dental Spa.  This is a world class facility with a world class team.  I can’t wait to meet you and help you have a beautiful, healthy smile.

“What excites me about joining The Hills Dental Spa is continuing to grow a dental practice that already shares in my personal and professional philosophies and being able to continue Dr. Nemec’s legacy by providing the same 5-star service to his long-time patients.”

Dr. Winters

Dr. Jeffrey Tjan

Dr. Tjan joined us last year and brings with him an enthusiasm to best treat our patients by utilizing the modern technologies that Dr. Nemec has put into place.

“I love the opportunity to grow as a practitioner in a well respected practice that truly offers the very best treatments because we customize care for each individual.”

Dr. Tjan


Kristi serves as the doctors’ assistant and is a valuable asset to our team as she keeps things ultra-organized in the back office.  She is a true team player and loves her career in dentistry.  With two young girls at home, she loves being a part of a practice that allows time off for family and allows her to grow personally and professionally.

“I’ve been a dental assistant for 7 years and what I love most about my job is being able to connect with the patients and helping them get the Smile of their dreams.  Strangely enough, I’ve always been intrigued by teeth and dentistry, so when I had the opportunity to go to school to be a dental assistant, I jumped on it! I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of The Hills Dental Spa family. I love working in an environment where everyone shares the same values on patient care, and truly want the best for each patient.”



Leo’s role as one of your dental hygienists is a job he truly loves. He once described cleaning people’s teeth as “a fidgeter’s dream job!”  As a person who thrives on staying busy and accomplishing tasks, the role of cleaning teeth fits him perfectly.

“I love my job as a hygienist at The Hills Dental Spa.  I’ve worked as a temp in many offices and I can honestly say this is, by far, the best dental office I’ve worked in.  I love the privacy, professionalism, comfort, and excellent care that our office gives to our patients and to each other.  So if you’re looking for a dental office that offers these attributes, we are the place for you!”



Crystal serves as one of your dental hygienists and enjoys getting to know her patients during their time her in dental chair.  Hygienists often feel their role is part cleaning teeth and part focusing on overcoming each patient’s fears and discomfort to make the experience better than they ever imagined.

“Dentistry is a fantastic field to work in because we get to help people achieve better health.  The environment at The Hills Dental Spa makes every effort to ensure our patients are also comfortable and we focus on listening to the needs of each individual.  This is something that is hard to find and I value being able to take the time to listen to my clients.”



Amie has been with The Hills Dental Spa since it’s opening in 2000. While she’s here to answer your questions regarding appointments, dental treatments, insurance and spa treatments, she also enjoys connecting people. So, whether you are in need of a dog trainer or a recommendation for a restaurant for dinner tonight, don’t hesitate to ask.

“I truly enjoy helping people. I like getting to know our clients and making them comfortable. It’s exciting to be able to help someone to get the healthy smile they’ve always wanted. On the business side of things, I enjoy planning our team meetings and education by ensuring our office is completely up-to-date with our training, equipment, treatments and services. I love keeping our website updated and managing our social media presence. My job is challenging because of the variety, and that keeps things fun! Plus the beautiful office and relaxed setting makes a day at the office pretty relaxing. After 15 years at The Hills Dental Spa, I can’t image any better people to work with.”

Amie Nemec - Hills Dental Spa


Katy is also a long-time employee, as she was the third employee hired at the dental spa when we first opened! While she has left the practice to pursue a career in wedding planning, even to move to Mexico for a few years, and to work as a professional photographer, she has been a committed team member on and off for 14 years!  You may know Katy as our massage therapist, and she is still able to provide a fantastic relaxation massage.  These days she has stepped into the role of Concierge and is excited to support our patients by scheduling appointments and answering questions about treatment options.

“After 14 years of knowing Dr. Nemec and working within his practice, I can truly say that his commitment to his patients and staff is bar none. I’m excited to take on this new role and am eager to meet each patient and learn how I can best be of service.”



Our in-house massage therapist, Annie, provides our valued patients with comprehensive spa treatments that meet the needs of the busy lifestyles we lead today.

“I am so happy to be part of the Hills Dental Spa Team! I love the family atmosphere, dedication and team work! As a therapist my goal is to promote health and wholeness. I am excited to offer treatments before, during or after your appointment as well as on the days in between. Massage helps us to relax, reduces stress, relieves emotional and physical pain, increases circulation and is beneficial to overall well being. It’s important for me to give and receive massage on a regular basis.”


Lynne is Retiring!

June 15th marks Lynne’s retirement day!  She and Dr Nemec have worked together for 19 years.  We have been so blessed to know her, and to have her as a cheerleader for the practice.  She is a helping hand to our entire team on a daily basis, and a huge comfort to each patient who encounters her.  Please join us in thanking Lynne for her commitment over the years.  A deep heart-felt THANK YOU from all of us, and we hope retirement is a blast!